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Link Your Phone Now​ is an incredible feature that allows users to seamlessly combine their smartphones and PCs for an enhanced digital experience by using Users can experience greater synchronization between devices by linking their PC with their phone, sharing files, notifications, etc, between both devices seamlessly. If you need assistance getting started or using Phone Link via, this guide is here to walk through every step involved.

What can you do with (Phone Link)?

  • Make and receive calls over mobile networks (pairing your phone to your PC).
  • View your photo gallery (up to your most recent 2,000 pictures and screenshots from the camera roll and screenshots folders).
  • Write and reply to SMS text messages, send photos, emojis, GIFs, and media content via text messaging services like SMS.
  • Message history and group chats.
  • Your phone’s contact list appears when searching for names or phone numbers.
  • View, dismiss, pin, or clear all notifications (you can also manage which apps have notification privileges).
  • Place your phone into “Do Not Disturb” mode.
  • If any noise comes from your phone, switch it off by holding down on its button until the sound stops playing.
  • Play, pause, and skip songs currently “playing,” such as Spotify or another music player on your phone.
  • View battery percentage, Bluetooth status, and connectivity (Wi-Fi and mobile data network), as well as their strength using

How can I get Microsoft Phone Link?

Microsoft Phone Link has replaced the Your Phone Companion app by allowing users to filter notifications, receive calls, and use mobile applications on PCs – with its updated design for Windows 11, Microsoft is making this experience available worldwide.

Phone Link comes preinstalled on PCs running Windows 10 or 11; search “Phone Link” in the Start menu to launch it. If you can’t locate the Phone Link, Windows Update might need to be applied, or you could access Microsoft Store and download it directly by searching in your browser.

Your PC provides access to Android, including certain Samsung and HONOR devices using these two applications:

  • The Link to Windows app works on most Android devices through
  • Select Samsung and HONOR phones with a Link to Windows (LTW) app preinstalled.
  • Your device and PC now come together seamlessly through Link to Windows (Google Play Store/Galaxy Store/Microsoft Store), providing instantaneous access to everything you love – read and reply to messages, view recent photos from Android devices, use favorite mobile apps on PC, make/receive calls seamlessly, manage notifications directly on PC.
  • Phone Link requires several components to operate:
  • PC is running the May 2019 Update or later of Windows 10.
  • If you are running the May 2019 Update, the Phone Link app from Microsoft Store must be installed manually; any Windows version post-May 2019 Update should already include this app preinstalled.
  • An Android device running Android 7.0 (Nougat).

Phone Link will come preinstalled if you are running Windows 10 October 2019 Update or later. When opening the app, it will walk you through any additional steps necessary to set it up successfully.

How can you pair a PC with your mobile device and set up Phone Link?

Phone Link connects with Android phones via Wi-Fi, mobile data networks, or instant hotspots. For optimal Wi-Fi performance, ensure both devices are connected to the same network; once connected, you can access its functionalities from both PCs. Depending on the Android device in use, you may require downloading an application known as Link to Windows from Google Play Store to use Phone Link easily.

If you own select Samsung or HONOR phones, the Link to Windows app may already be preinstalled; otherwise, it can be purchased through Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

Start from your Windows PC:

  • Search the Taskbar Search box with “Phone Link,” then choose this app from the results.
  • Select Android.
  • When asked, sign in using your Microsoft account (for best results, sign into both devices with the same Microsoft account to link them together). You will then need to enable device tethering.
  • Once logged in, you’ll be asked to install or open the companion app (Link to Windows) on your Android device. To do so, launch a web browser on your Android phone and enter the link displayed on your PC (
  • Sign in to the companion app (Phone Link) with your Microsoft account from your PC, and it will open a screen displaying a QR code to scan (we’ll discuss this later).
  • Once signed in, return to your PC and select “I Have the Link to Windows App Installed on My Phone,” then “Pair with QR Code,” before tapping on “Pair Now!”.

Note: To manually pair your device, instead of scanning its QR code, select the Pair manually button on your PC, and you’ll be asked for your Android phone to enter a code displayed by your PC.

  • Your PC screen should display a QR code, on your Android device, open up its companion app to access a page with a camera for scanning the QR code from your PC screen. Use this screen to scan it!
  • Once your devices are connected, your Android device will prompt you for various permissions that allow accessing content from your phone on a PC.

Start from an Android Device:

  • Launch a browser on your Android device, enter ““, and download the Link to Windows app (available only for select Samsung devices).
  • Instead, the Link to Windows application preinstalled on your Android device may prompt you.
  • Sign in to the companion app using the same Microsoft account you use on your PC (even though you’re starting from your phone) to link all devices together.
  • Once signed in, you’ll be asked to scan a QR code displayed on your PC. To access it from PC browsers, go to:
  • Use the companion app’s camera to scan a QR code displayed on your PC with your Android device and link them together.
  • Your device permissions will allow you to access content from your phone and PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Android Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Link to Windows > Advanced > Battery > Manage Battery Usage > Battery optimization. Scroll down to Link to Windows, and then select Don’t optimize.

On select Android devices, the steps may be as follows:

Open Android Settings > Apps > Link to Windows > Battery > Optimize battery usage. Select All from the drop-down list, scroll to Link to Windows, and turn the toggle Off.

Updates will be installed automatically if this setting is activated on your PC. To manually update, connect to the internet before updating and then:

On your PC:

  • To open the Microsoft Store app.
  • Search for Phone Link.
  • If an update is available to you, select Update and wait until it completes successfully before selecting Open.

You can also try this:

Open the Microsoft Store app.

  • Select “…” (More), located next to your Microsoft account picture.
  • Select updates and downloads.
  • If an update is available, select Update and wait until it completes successfully before clicking Open.

Note: Please allow several minutes for updates to take effect within your app. If the Phone Link app is still in an update state on Android devices or PCs, wait a few more minutes before rebooting your Android device or reopening and closing and reopening its software application.

  • For optimal results, both devices must connect to the same Wi-Fi network; otherwise, optimization may not be possible on public connections such as coffee shops, hotels or airports.
  • Once you connect to a Wi-Fi network on your Windows PC, you may be asked whether to set it as either public or private (trusted).
  • These changes might not always be achievable — for instance, if your workplace regulates or restricts network connections.

Enabling this option on select Samsung or Duo devices will automatically install updates.

To manually update an application on a Samsung or Duo mobile device, first ensure it is connected to the internet.

On your Samsung or Duo device:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced features > Link to Windows.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, tap “. . .” (More) > Link to Windows.
  • If an update is available, tap Update. You can update from either the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store.
  • Wait for the update to complete successfully, and then tap Done.
  • Tap the Back button to return to the Link to Windows app page.
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